Set of 8 Bright Solar Accent Lights - Cordless

  • Solar-powered light kit with minimal installation or maintenance
  • Bright LED lights light your footpath or driveway
  • Solar collectors charge during the day for use at night
  • Easy to install with no wiring or cords required
  • Individual light dimensions: 4.25W x 4.25D x 13.5H inches

What's Included

8 Lights


100 years ago it would have sounded like magic to say that you could save sunshine in a bottle so you could use it to light your way at night, but that magic is just a click away when you order the Trademark Tools Set of 8 Bright Solar Accent Lights - Cordless. This set of 8 lights couldn't be easier to install or operate. Simply space the lights evenly along your footpath or driveway, let them spend an afternoon charging the sun and then watch them light up at night. Energy-efficient LED lights are brighter than incandescent lights and make better use of stored energy, giving you more light for more hours at night. This easy to use kit doesn't require any cabling or extension cords. Just stake them and you're ready to go.


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Dimensions & Specifications


Trademark Tools


4.25W x 4.25D x 13.5H in.

# of LEDs








Terratec Post Caps McFarland Cascade Bug Zapper and Solar Post Light


  • Solar post light
  • Great for hiding any irregular or out of square post ends
  • Helps to prevent moisture from rotting the tops of your posts
  • Terratec solar post caps utilize LED (light emitting diode)technology to pride light
  • LED bulbs are a highly efficient source of light, on average an LED will last approximately 100,000 hours or more


  • Finish: Black


  • 3.88'' H x 3.88'' W x 6.5'' D, 1 lbs

Concept SL-100 32-LED Solar-Powered Security Light with Motion Detector

Security provisions now have become a very important aspect to look after in the USA because of the continuous increase in the crime rate. Security provisions like automatic spotlights can give you a profound level of security from the trespassers as there are many different solar powered spotlights product can be bought in the market. But certainly the Maxsa Innovation has come up with a brilliant security spotlight product which may be considered as the brightest security LED light in the whole market. You can always choose to fix this Maxsa Innovations 40235 solar powered bright LED security light on a fence top or can be configured on a stoop for providing with better security involvements for you and your family. Illumination a wide area with the super bright LED bulbs, this particular security spotlight from Maxsa Innovations comes with a motion activation provision, which makes it even more useful. Turns on automatically sensing any motion within the range of the motion detection sensors and also turns off automatically depending on the settings acquired by the user as per individual requirement.

Generic Dog With Lantern Solar Light (Full Color)

 Generic Dog With Lantern Solar Light (Full Color)

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What Is A Rain Barrel?

As an increasingly large number of households are becoming a bit more environmentally friendly and drawn to all-natural processes, rain barrels are becoming extremely popular.  What is a rain barrel you ask? 

A rain barrel is simply a container that collects and stores rainwater from downspouts and rooftops. You can then use this “free water” for watering your lawn and garden – even washing the car!  Rain barrels are typically very large containers that have a screen to prevent debris, and a hose for convenient access to the reservoir.

Not only are rain barrels environmentally friendly, but they also offer several other benefits… such as a beautiful yard!  By using natural rain water to water your grass, garden, or potted plants, you are helping to nourish your plant life naturally.  Tap water contains many ions and compounds that accumulate in the soil over time and can eventually harm the plants’ root systems and soil.  The natural rain water does not contain these additives and can help to make your plants healthier.

Now, let’s talk about reduction of runoff – another benefit of rain barrels.  Rain runoff occurs when the rain water travels off your property and down into rivers and lakes; while moving it picks up soil, fertilizer, and other contaminants along the way.  This can cause for natural habitats to be altered and can endanger wildlife.  Rain barrels help to reduce the amount of water runoff from your property and therefore help to keep surrounding habitats as natural as possible.

And, rain barrels are a money saver!  This is usually everyone’s favorite reason for purchasing one.  Rain barrels save homeowners lots of money on their water bills.  Sprinkler systems can account for about 40% of the monthly water bill during the summer months.  Think of how much water you could save by connecting to and utilizing multiple barrels of “free water” instead! 

Interested? Ron’s Eco Friendly Products has plenty of options for you to choose from – stylish ones too that will seamlessly match your home or outdoor area.  Visit our online store to take a look!

How to Select the Best Outdoor Solar Lights

If you're looking for the best outdoor solar lights to stretch those evenings in the yard even further into the year, you'll definitely want to explore your solar options! The following tips and suggestions will help you to select some that will give you the illumination you want and years of beautiful service.

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Ron’s Choice: The Farm-House Greenhouse

Hey there! You’ve arrived just in time for “Ron’s Choice!” This is when our very own staff picks a product that we ourselves are big fans of. This week, we’re highlighting the Farm House Greenhouse.  

Have you ever wanted to grow your own fruits, herbs, plants and vegetables? Perhaps your hometown just doesn’t provide the ideal climate. Or, maybe it does, but you just can’t seem to keep away nature’s pesky critters.

In addition to providing the ideal environment for growing foods, there are many other benefits to owning the Farm House Greenhouse… Here are just a few!

  • Easy Set-Up: This enormous yet totally portable option is easy to install and move. Best of all, it doubles as a convenient storage shed when you're not growing. The Farm House features two large zippered doors and twelve windows with screens for easy access, optimum ventilation, and pest protection.
  • Price: Big glass greenhouses may be a bit more durable, but they’re also more expensive – not to mention difficult to install and relocate! The Farm House Greenhouse is the perfect medium between functionality and price. At just $369.99, you’ll absolutely get the best “bang for your buck.”
  • Versatility: This greenhouse improves climatic conditions in all geographic locations. It can be set up on soil or a hard surface, indoors or outdoors.
  • Durability: This greenhouse’s exterior is weatherproof and UV resistant. Its Gro-Tec polyethylene material has rip stop protection too!
  • It’s Guaranteed: Not happy with your purchase? Has something gone wrong? This product has a 3-year limited warranty!

To view the Farm House Greenhouse, or other greenhouses available at Ron’s Eco Friendly Products, click here

Gutter Security Ultra Bright 3 LED Solar Light

Have Light Anywhere Around Your Home. Solar Powered! No wires or electricity needed. Stores the suns energy by day...shines brightly at night. Includes unique outdoor bracket perfect for mounting on gutters, patios, walls, sheds, decks, fences and more. Turns ON automatically at dusk...OFF at dawn. Add safety around your home with this solar powered light. Have 3 Ultra Bright LED lights (1cm size). Color of unit: White Energy saver.


  • Solar Powered, Energy Saving Outdoor Light 
  • Turns On automatic at dusk, turn off at dawn 
  • Special clip included perfect for mounting on gutters, patios, walls, shed, decks, fences and special reversible clip with the function of clip upward or clip downward. 
  • Add extra security and safety to your home 
  • Solar panel size 2.25” x 2.25” ·
  • Uses: 2 600mAh Ni-MH rechargeable batteries 1.2V 
  • Product Dimensions: 4.2 x 2.7 x 6.4 inches 

Matte Black Color Square Solar Light Post Cap PVC Fence Style


Matte Black Color Square Solar Light Post Cap PVC Fence Style Easy Installation. 
No Wiring Needed. 
Spectrum Color Changing.

Black Color Square Solar Light Post Cap PVC Fence Style


  Black Color Square Solar Light Post Cap PVC Fence Style


1PC  Polycrystal silicon 2V 50MA















Charging Bamboo Station for Cameras, Cell Phones, PDA & More

Beautifully created from maintainable bamboo, this Bamboo Charging Station for Cell Phones, Cameras, PDA & Additional provides area for storing and charging up to four of any one of the adhering to digital gadgets: a mobile phone, digital video camera, mp3 player, or PDA. Cords put neatly concealed, and an upper holder provides additional space for storing pens, pencils, a notepad, or other assorted items. To cleanse, just wash with light cleansing soap and water and completely dry extensively. Bamboo provides longevity and a good enhance to virtually any sort of office or home design. Use the asking for terminal on a workdesk, bedside table, or kitchen area counter for practical accessibility to totally billed digital tools. Great for present giving, the billing terminal steps 6-3/4 by 11-3/4 by 4-1/4 inches.

  • Bamboo Charging Station for Cell Phones, Cameras, PDA & More
  • Charging station beautifully constructed from sustainable bamboo
  • Neatly store and charge cell phones, digital cameras, PDAs, and more
  • Upper tray offers additional storage space for miscellaneous items
  • Cords tuck neatly out of sight
  • Easy-to-clean design
  • Great for gift giving
  • 6.8 x 11.8 x 4.2 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 1.8lbs.
  • Measures 6-3/4 by 11-3/4 by 4-1/4 inches